System building is a method in which the majority of the building’s component parts are factory-produced and site assembled. They offer unbeatable advantages to owners and developers – particularly in terms of energy efficiency and cost / time management.


  • Cost Efficiency

    Economies of scale mean reduction of cost per unit.

    Potential for time savings, which equals labour savings. Labour is one of the biggest costs, so the speed of build makes a real difference. System built homes can have up to 70% shorter construction time.

    Production of the room modules off-site avoids weather-induced delays and ensures a high quality due to industrial manufacturing processes. Due to the high degree of parallel processes – in the factory and on the construction site – the construction time on site is reduced to a few weeks.

  • Improved Quality

    The process ensures that interior and exterior finishes are always of the highest possible quality and remain that way throughout the life of the house once constructed on site. Additionally leading to reduced defects & snagging.

  • Minimal On-site Disruption

    High proportion of the noise and dust-intensive works are carried out in the factory. So emission impacts are reduced to a minimum.

  • Investment Security and Build Control

    The fixed price guarantee, and just one general contractor as an experienced partner, provides planning security for each building project. By consistently using dry construction materials, system built homes are ready to be occupied immediately after completion and acceptance, featuring comfortable climatic conditions.

  • Energy Efficiency

    The building envelope is formed by a thermally efficient shell of pre-insulated structural panels, with integral voids to allow mechanical and electrical services to run seamlessly within the walls. These are combined with a series of triple-glazed windows and triple-glazed bi-folding glass doors that ensure a superb level of energy-efficiency, whilst flooding every living space with natural light.

  • Adaptability / Design / Flexibility

    We do not use predefined layouts, only sample designs for inspiration. Bespoke design with the ease of a system build.

    The home is designed to facilitate adaptable first and second-generation layouts, in which a family can inhabit the space in a variety of ways depending on their needs at different times in life. The highly flexible, structure of system build homes allow for changes according to the relevant use.

  • Sustainability

    Construction - Local sourcing of labour and materials. Utilisation of recycled materials.

    Life-long use - Huge reduction in GWP over a 50 year period due to environmental performance.

    As a consequence, the relative lifetime cost of the home is much lower for families, as the need for mechanical heating and cooling the internal spaces is dramatically reduced compared to houses built using conventional construction techniques and materials.