Founded in 1912 by Johann Huf, the innovative post and beam architecture of a Huf Haus is fascinating, expressive and fast becoming the new pathway to prime luxury living. Huf Haus continually develop energy efficiency in their homes and one of the milestones of this development is the green (r)evolution design which has quickly become the pioneer for innovative and energy efficient architecture.

Each Huf house is individually designed for you by an experienced Huf Haus architect. Your needs and wishes are the focal point of the design taking into account the land conditions, the climate and your budget.

The innovative and evolving Huf Haus timbered architecture provides a solid foundation for this new type of house without compromising the quality of materials or construction. As always, the level of technology in each build is determined by the owners themselves, however, the standard equipment installed surpasses the quality and design standards to begin with.

Each Huf house construction achieves the efficiency grading of ‘House 55’ (KFW-classification). The green [r]evolution house is equipped with all the necessary energy efficiency features at no additional cost.

The Huf Haus design is anything but ordinary and unites an aesthetically pleasing home and living environment with a responsible and economical use of expensive energy. From this union a high quality of living is enjoyed in all homes.

When planning the next phase of your life it is the perfect opportunity to harmonise new thinking with new living.